UK Cassidine resources

Cassidines are RAD! Affectionately known as tortoise beetles due to their shape, and the way they tuck in all of their appendages. Cassidines not only look cool as adults, as larvae they make 'fecal shields' made of their own poo to hide from and deter predators... Cassida vibex Larvae Via J.K Lindsey One of the … Continue reading UK Cassidine resources

Figwort weevils

This group of very obviously marked weevils are from the genus Cionus, they are an easy group to identify to genus but after that I often trip up! I find the key of these ridiculous and actually, if I has a half decent picture guide it would help A LOT with checking if I'm going … Continue reading Figwort weevils


So I figured I would start to collate a list of resources so its all in one place, this is a fluid list and I will add to it as deemed fit! General Beetley Goodness: Moths and Man: A great list of ID tips harvested from the Facebook beetle page! British and Irish Beetles Facebook … Continue reading Resources